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Masturbation Lotion

 Why should I buy Slap Happy Masturbation Lotion?

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This cream offers a long list of benefits to assist your masturbation techniques , some of which are outlined below:masturbation lotion

1. Less friction

This is in fact the primary feature of this product. The cream is intended to work as a lubricator. It will give you the wet and warm feeling you crave without creating a mess.

2. Prolongs the Actions

You probably want to make the process longer if your feelings are on top. However, sometimes it is nearly impossible to do it physically. Get a jar of masturbation lotion in order to make your satisfaction and pleasure unlimited. Slap Happy Cream can work wonders for you if you are with your partner and give yourself to the practice entirely. With this product you are not going to enjoy minutes of satisfaction but hours of it.

3. Long lasting

This masturbation cream would not dry out, which means that you do not need to apply too much of it at once, saving you hassle as well as money.

4. Pleasant Smell

Everyone is aware of the fact that smell can be sexual. In fact, specialists have revealed that smell plays a vital role in choosing a sexual partner.  We choose our partners according to their smell. Slap Happy Cream makes you smell deliciously sexy.

5. Safe

It is 100% risk free and is much better option for regular masturbators than the common lubricant – soap. Stop hurting your sexual organs by using soap that is not only corrosive to the thin-skinned regions, but also dries out fast.

6. Guarantee

Slap Happy Cream masturbation lotion comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, which leaves almost zero questions about its credibility.  If you are, by any chance, not satisfied by the product and decide to return it to the manufacturers, you can do it within the first 90 days of your purchase.

7. Excellent offer

You get two bottles of masturbation cream absolutely free of charge with a three-bottle pack.

8. Raving reviews

The product is incredibly effective for adults struggling to have a satisfying and happy sex life. It not only satisfies you, but also offers you the happiness and contentment you need. Slap Happy masturbation lotion has satisfied thousands of customers. Don’t you want to be next?

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With the liberation of ideas and speech, people have evidently come out of their closets about masturbation. They no longer hesitate to accept it as a significant part of their life. Since everything related to masturbation has come out in open, the need for products related to the act is surfacing. People are always looking for something that can make their experience smooth and hassle free. Slap Happy Masturbation Cream is the perfect solution! It primarily works as a lubricator that gives you incredible pleasure when you want it the most. If you have been searching for slick, warming and soft result, there is no need to look any further. It is specially designed to boost your pleasure, while improving the softness and smoothness of your skin. Whether you are with a partner or alone, planned or impulsive, Slap Happy Cream will definitely make your experience happier.

Why You Need Masturbation Lotion

Safe sexual satisfaction can be achieved in many ways. Masturbation is perhaps the safest and easiest sex there is around, and to give a more pleasurable and realistic experience, toys, props and creams are often used. One of the basic ways to make masturbation enjoyable is by using masturbation lotion. Most masturbation lotions are sold online to protect the buyer from embarrassing situations.

Masturbation lotions are glycerin or silicone-based lubricants that are made to give excellent slip and feel. Some masturbation lotions are also made to smell good and give a warm sensation. While a lot of men can have pleasurable masturbation without using lube, masturbation lotion is still important for some.


Drawbacks for the Circumcised

The foreskin is very important in masturbation. For uncircumcised men, the foreskin covers the glans when the hand pulls the penis forward and backward, reducing contact with the hand. Circumcised men do not have this advantage, which means that hand contact happens much more frequently. While hand contact itself is not bad, friction caused by constant contact with the hand can irritate the glans penis or the head.

The Disadvantages of Dry Masturbation

When the penis is erect, the foreskin acts to protect the highly sensitive glans during the forward and backward strokes, causing no problems in dry masturbation for the uncircumcised. On the other hand, dry masturbation for circumcised men can be a very painful experience.

Dry masturbation may be cheaper and easier to do. But for some men, the dry sensation means that it would take longer to climax and reach ejaculation. As men become more accustomed to dry sex, climaxing may take longer than before. In time, the penis can become desensitized, resulting in unsatisfying and frustrating masturbation sessions.

Without the foreskin, dry masturbation can cause a lot of problems, some with lasting effects. Aside from irritation of the glans, the constant chafing can create a burning sensation and leave the penis tender after. Dry masturbation can also break the skin of the penis, decreasing sexual appetite and causing shooting pains when moving.

This rawness can inhibit sexual urges and leave partners feeling dissatisfied. A man’s sexual life can be ruined because of wrong masturbation practices. Fortunately, creams and lotions are now widely available for men to avoid this predicament. With the use of masturbation cream, these problems can be totally prevented.

Masturbation lotion provides the required amount of action without any mess left behind. The best masturbation creams available in the market can last as long as the user wants it to. Hence these creams can be used when alone or with a partner. The most popular masturbation creams available provide soft, warm and slick action whenever and wherever required. These creams and creams have been designed to ensure that the user gets the maximum satisfaction without having to deal with a mess after climax.

The masturbation creams provide soft lubrication which also leaves the skin feeling moist and soft. The creams come with pleasant smells with long lasting ingredients. The masturbation creams from reputed manufacturers can be safely used on a daily basis and do not cause any side effects. These lotions have been designed to ensure that daily use does not dehydrate the skin and they feel as natural as possible during masturbation. Moreover the masturbation lotions are all pH balanced so that the skin does not dry out or feel parched.

The ingredients included in the lotions do not clog the pores of the skin and neither do they irritate the skin tissue. The masturbation creams come in easy to store and use jars which can be kept practically anywhere without being too obvious. The user can store the masturbation lotion jars in the nightstand or in the bathroom, wherever it is convenient. The biggest advantage of purchasing the masturbation lotions from reputed manufacturers is that they provide free samples which the purchaser can use to test the satisfaction provided and only the order the product.

The popular brands of masturbation lotions also come with a money back policy which allows the user reclaim the money paid in case he is dissatisfied with the product or the product caused any side effects.


Why You Should Buy Masturbation Lotion

Applying masturbation cream protects the glans from friction and chafing caused by hand contact, preventing burning sensations and breaks. The warm coating can also make the strokes more slippery, allowing men a smoother masturbation session.

A lot of men use basic moisturizers, hand lotions or baby oil as an alternative to masturbation lotion. But this is not recommended. The best options are specifically made with ingredients that not only mimic the real thing, but keep the penis perfectly moisturized. When the lotions are prepared with a balanced pH content, they do not irritate the skin and prevents the pores from clogging up. These creams also provide just the right amount of heat for the penis, reducing discomfort and perspiration. Lotions that are not made for masturbation may also have additives that can only cause irritation or, worse, start an allergic reaction.

The best masturbation creams give just the right feeling without the harmful ingredients. Although the product depends on how men prefer to masturbate, it would help to try a number of products before sticking to one. Use only a small portion to check if the lotion causes irritation or allergy. Then apply a more generous portion once clear. By using masturbation lotion you can have free satisfying sex for a long time.

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